I Am Distressed

Yes, it’s just a sil­ly quiz—but the answers dis­ap­point me. I expect bet­ter of myself. And it does­n’t give the right answers at the end! Though the author does say she’ll be pub­lish­ing them on her blog. Advanced You scored 100%…


A man said to the uni­verse: “Sir I exist!” “How­ev­er,” replied the uni­verse, “The fact has not cre­at­ed in me a sense of oblig­a­tion.” –Stephen Crane, writer (1871–1900)

Another Quote

“Knowl­edge is of two kinds. We know a sub­ject our­selves, or we know where we can find infor­ma­tion on it.” –Samuel John­son (1709–1784); Eng­lish author. Gain­ing that sec­ond kind is a vital part of education.


Have y’all heard about this site? It’s run by a (now returned) sol­dier’s fam­i­ly who were shocked to see how thin and dirty their son and his com­rades had got­ten when he final­ly sent pic­tures to them. There’s a sec­tion with…

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