Where Do They Find These People?

We want to move the cable modem. That should be a simple thing, right? We don’t need the jack where it is now. It shouldn’t matter where it moves.

Well, it isn’t that easy. Lots of talk about taps, splitters, amplifiers, and so on later, the Comcast guy is finally gone. His supervisor is supposed to call me about putting an amplifier on the line, after which they’ll come back out to actually put in the desired jack.

It didn’t help that the installer could not find his own ass with a map, GPS unit, and a team of Sherpa guides.

Or that he arrived around 2 when the appointment was for between 8 and 11. And he didn’t call to say he was running late. No, I had to call and track him down.

When he came in, I introduced him to the dog, as is usual. I asked him if he wanted me to put the dog up, and he said no.

Well, he was afraid of the dog and just didn’t want to admit it to me. Of course, that made Karli all the more interested in him. Fortunately, Katie noticed his discomfort. We had to keep putting Karli out and bringing her in each time he came in and out, which was frequent. It would have been much simpler if he just said, “I’m not comfortable around such a big dog.”

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