Asshats? Or Ignorant?

I’m shop­ping for bricks to do the walk­way at the cot­tage. We need to find a brick sup­pli­er, any­way, for future projects.

Boral Bricks has a web site with a nifty lit­tle pro­gram for plan­ning such projects. Cool, right? I start­ed to install it.

Then my anti-spy­ware pro­gram yelped because the damned thing was try­ing to install a dialer.

I con­tact­ed the com­pa­ny explain­ing why they won’t get our busi­ness, but as I promised them, I’m also warn­ing oth­ers to stay far away from them.

It’s a legit­i­mate busi­ness with a nice site, a real address, phone num­ber, etc.—which goes to show that mal­ware does­n’t just come from porn sites.

Edit, Fri­day, April 1: I got a call today from Shelly Ross at Boral, very con­cerned about the sit­u­a­tion. She con­tact­ed the peo­ple who write the soft­ware, who she says did a thor­ough check on their system.

They claim that the dialer (Inter­fun) just goes back to their serv­er to get brick col­ors and shapes. I sug­gest­ed that they note that on their web­site. I’m not going to try installing it again to see, but I want­ed to note that Boral did react imme­di­ate­ly and responsibly.

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