Starting Classes!

So I’m all registered for classes and start tomorrow. I’m taking four classes, 12 hours—which my advisor warned me will feel like 18 due to the summer semester compression. Not fun. But I’m really excited. The next couple of weeks driving across town won’t be fun, but then we’ll be all moved.

I need a backpack. I’ve never needed one before. I don’t remember anyone carrying them at any time during my earlier schooling, but now they’re simply one of the things that everyone carries. Sam says I have to have the kind with wheels.

I have actually discovered a desire for an MP3 player, too. I don’t want to carry around a bunch of different gadgets, so now I’m lusting after the fancier PDAs that have MP3 players and digital cameras built in. It’s extremely unlikely that I’ll buy one, but I’m lusting.

A laptop is finally justifiable, though. It would certainly make the two-hour gap I have two days a week MUCH more useful. To make things better, the library on campus is having wireless internet access set up now and it’s supposed to be working sometime this semester.

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