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sambear, greyknight, goddessinga and I went to the Vulgar Pajama party at isarma and sweetsong‘s house last night (okay, three other people live there, but I don’t know if they’re on LJ.

We’d been told that some folks would be in lingerie and some in actual pajamas, so goddessinga and I took both to change there (especially since we didn’t wish to explain to the kids why we’d leave the house in nightwear or take a chance on having some kind of car trouble in between dressed that way). When we arrived, most people were in PJs, so that’s what we decided to wear. I then found that my sleep shirt had been attacked by bleach at some point, and had icky spots across the black. Not happy. So my dates told me I should just put my pretty gown on, and I did. I felt a little out of place, but at least it’s a very comfy gown. Fortunately sambear was wearing a great big comfy terry robe, because I got very chilly and had to borrow it.

It was wonderful being able to go out with our sweeties and not worry about what anyone thought about the four of us being together. We haven’t had many opportunities to go out with each other, anyway, or have kid-free time. Such a treat!

I never really got names for most of the people at the party. I figured there’d be more people there from Trybalaka but just saw three. triest, I thought you were coming too! And ericdabear, are you still out of town? Happily, triadj were all there, but I didn’t get a chance to actually talk with them. We always seemed to be on opposite sides of the room. I imagine there were other LJ people there but that’s who I remember.

We did get to see Scarlett! That’s always such a treat—I’m glad we’re singing at her birthday party in January. John didn’t make it, having been called into work. I was disappointed, but at least we’ll get to see him in January. I noticed Tyme’s address on the Evite and was hoping to see him, but he wasn’t there either.

We took the karaoke machine as promised. I’d never actually sung karaoke before, even though we do have the machine in the house. That was fun, with people’s performances varying wildly in quality and confidence. I have to like just about anything that really encourages people to participate in making music, though. Ken also got out his guitars, but they needed to warm up after being in the car and he hadn’t started playing them yet when we had to leave. I was disappointed, but maybe we’ll get a chance to sing with him in the future. And I had an interesting conversation with someone named Acorn about music, but like so many discussions at a party, we got interrupted and lost the flow. Maybe I’ll run into him again at some point—apparently, he’s in PSE, too.

Truth or Dare Jenga was just getting rolling when we realized that it was 1 am and we really needed to get home. We’re old people, okay? Or I am, at least.

We’d planned to get up and game until it’s time for goddessinga and greyknight to head home and us to get shadowkatt to her rehearsal. We haven’t started yet—everybody is sleepy. G is being very difficult and requiring the level of supervision you’d normally associate with a three year old, which makes gaming difficult. sambear made waffles this morning and goddessinga made eggs for me, since I’m not a waffle person.

The Trybalaka Yule party is here next Friday night. All current and former Trybalaka members are invited. We are really looking forward to meeting some of the former members—we hear so much about them that it seems odd not to know them. grizzlydan, if you don’t come I will pout in a big, big way. I added chalice66 as a friend this morning and maybe she’ll notice and add me back—I keep hearing about her and she sounds like someone I’d like to know.

There’s a PSE holiday party next Saturday and I really want to go. G’s birthday is also on Sunday, meaning we’d usually have her party on Saturday. Right now she’s on restriction and just keeps getting into more and more trouble—the way she’s acting, she’s probably diagnosable with oppositional defiant disorder just like her brother. I don’t know what’ll happen with her birthday party, especially since she still hasn’t given us any information on what she wants to do or who she wants to invite.

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