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sam­bear, greyknight, god­dessin­ga and I went to the Vul­gar Paja­ma par­ty at isar­ma and sweet­song’s house last night (okay, three oth­er peo­ple live there, but I don’t know if they’re on LJ.

We’d been told that some folks would be in lin­gerie and some in actu­al paja­mas, so god­dessin­ga and I took both to change there (espe­cial­ly since we did­n’t wish to explain to the kids why we’d leave the house in night­wear or take a chance on hav­ing some kind of car trou­ble in between dressed that way). When we arrived, most peo­ple were in PJs, so that’s what we decid­ed to wear. I then found that my sleep shirt had been attacked by bleach at some point, and had icky spots across the black. Not hap­py. So my dates told me I should just put my pret­ty gown on, and I did. I felt a lit­tle out of place, but at least it’s a very com­fy gown. For­tu­nate­ly sam­bear was wear­ing a great big com­fy ter­ry robe, because I got very chilly and had to bor­row it.

It was won­der­ful being able to go out with our sweet­ies and not wor­ry about what any­one thought about the four of us being togeth­er. We haven’t had many oppor­tu­ni­ties to go out with each oth­er, any­way, or have kid-free time. Such a treat!

I nev­er real­ly got names for most of the peo­ple at the par­ty. I fig­ured there’d be more peo­ple there from Try­bal­a­ka but just saw three. tri­est, I thought you were com­ing too! And ericd­abear, are you still out of town? Hap­pi­ly, tri­adj were all there, but I did­n’t get a chance to actu­al­ly talk with them. We always seemed to be on oppo­site sides of the room. I imag­ine there were oth­er LJ peo­ple there but that’s who I remember.

We did get to see Scar­lett! That’s always such a treat—I’m glad we’re singing at her birth­day par­ty in Jan­u­ary. John did­n’t make it, hav­ing been called into work. I was dis­ap­point­ed, but at least we’ll get to see him in Jan­u­ary. I noticed Tyme’s address on the Evite and was hop­ing to see him, but he was­n’t there either.

We took the karaoke machine as promised. I’d nev­er actu­al­ly sung karaoke before, even though we do have the machine in the house. That was fun, with peo­ple’s per­for­mances vary­ing wild­ly in qual­i­ty and con­fi­dence. I have to like just about any­thing that real­ly encour­ages peo­ple to par­tic­i­pate in mak­ing music, though. Ken also got out his gui­tars, but they need­ed to warm up after being in the car and he had­n’t start­ed play­ing them yet when we had to leave. I was dis­ap­point­ed, but maybe we’ll get a chance to sing with him in the future. And I had an inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion with some­one named Acorn about music, but like so many dis­cus­sions at a par­ty, we got inter­rupt­ed and lost the flow. Maybe I’ll run into him again at some point—apparently, he’s in PSE, too.

Truth or Dare Jen­ga was just get­ting rolling when we real­ized that it was 1 am and we real­ly need­ed to get home. We’re old peo­ple, okay? Or I am, at least.

We’d planned to get up and game until it’s time for god­dessin­ga and greyknight to head home and us to get shad­owkatt to her rehearsal. We haven’t start­ed yet—everybody is sleepy. G is being very dif­fi­cult and requir­ing the lev­el of super­vi­sion you’d nor­mal­ly asso­ciate with a three year old, which makes gam­ing dif­fi­cult. sam­bear made waf­fles this morn­ing and god­dessin­ga made eggs for me, since I’m not a waf­fle person.

The Try­bal­a­ka Yule par­ty is here next Fri­day night. All cur­rent and for­mer Try­bal­a­ka mem­bers are invit­ed. We are real­ly look­ing for­ward to meet­ing some of the for­mer members—we hear so much about them that it seems odd not to know them. griz­zly­dan, if you don’t come I will pout in a big, big way. I added chalice66 as a friend this morn­ing and maybe she’ll notice and add me back—I keep hear­ing about her and she sounds like some­one I’d like to know.

There’s a PSE hol­i­day par­ty next Sat­ur­day and I real­ly want to go. G’s birth­day is also on Sun­day, mean­ing we’d usu­al­ly have her par­ty on Sat­ur­day. Right now she’s on restric­tion and just keeps get­ting into more and more trouble—the way she’s act­ing, she’s prob­a­bly diag­nos­able with oppo­si­tion­al defi­ant dis­or­der just like her broth­er. I don’t know what’ll hap­pen with her birth­day par­ty, espe­cial­ly since she still has­n’t giv­en us any infor­ma­tion on what she wants to do or who she wants to invite.

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