From Maid to Coach

From The Organizer Lady:

YOU CAN TELL SOMETHING IS WRONG—You can tell that something is definitely wrong when you find yourself picking up as a regular thing after others who are old enough to do it themselves. They leave their cereal boxes and milk on the table and you put it up, or hunt up the perpetrators to do the deed. They leave the bathroom and you hang up the towels.

There may be a myriad of these events. The people in your house are too unaware, busy, or indifferent. After a while, you begin to give up.

The only solution is to leave the maid mentality and enter the coach mentality. Decide what you want your team to accomplish and go about increasing their awareness, making sure they plan their schedules to help, and infuse them with enthusiasm for winning in the organizational game.

They may not want to join your team. The reality is that if they are in the family, they are on the team. Not easy but necessary.

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