I Liked This?

I did­n’t get to see much Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca as a kid, but I real­ly liked what I saw. I tried to see more, but it (like just about every­thing else) was clas­si­fied as too naughty for us to watch.  I was flip­ping chan­nels to find some­thing to use as noise while stitch­ing, and there it is. […]

The week, the Drive, the Holidays

I’m work­ing on fin­ish­ing some stitched presents today, to be tak­en to my fam­i­ly of ori­gin tonight or tomor­row. I won’t be online, for the most part, as that does­n’t real­ly work so well with the stitch­ing. Yes­ter­day, shad­owkatt and I did all of the fam­i­ly Christ­mas shop­ping in about 4 hours, total. Most of […]

Poetry: How I Came To Drink My Grandmother’s Piano

How I Came To Drink My Grand­moth­er’s Piano by Kath­leen Nor­ris It has to do with giv­ing, and with let­ting go, with how the earth rotates on its axis to make an oblate spher­oid. It has to do with how it all comes ’round. There was a piano in my grand­moth­er’s house. I inher­it­ed it, but nev­er learned to play. I used it […]


All the address­es were on the dead hard dri­ve. At this point, obvi­ous­ly, the cards will be “hol­i­day” rather than Yule/Solstice/Christmas! I *still* want to send them out, so PLEASE send me con­tact info! How the card should be addressed (don’t want to leave any­one out, ya know) and snail mail address. All com­ments are […]

Ick. Requesting Help.

I’ve nev­er, ever done this before. It’s very hard now. How­ev­er, the data recov­ery on the hard dri­ve is $600. I am not going to be able to fin­ish my course­work with­out that data, which will mean los­ing my finan­cial aid and drop­ping out of school. Even if it weren’t the hol­i­days, that would be pretty […]

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