Oh! Bowls!

Have I men­tioned that I’ve had an obscene num­ber of love­ly domes­tic things com­ing into my life over the last six months?

I know it may seem sil­ly, but I have been look­ing for a par­tic­u­lar kind of mix­ing bowl since the late 80s. I had some that were a wed­ding present (v.1) and they went away in the post-divorce purge and then I real­ized that real­ly, I want­ed them back.

They were some kind of plas­tic that was sol­id enough for just about any use. They had a love­ly pour­ing lip and a nice lit­tle han­dle. The best part, though, was the sol­id rub­ber ring on the bot­tom of each bowl. They did­n’t come off in a cou­ple of years of heavy use, and I did­n’t have to chase the bowls around the counter no mat­ter what I was mix­ing in them. 

A cou­ple of weeks ago, curiousmay9 and I went to Lenox to find swim gog­gles at the Speedo store (which changed its name and was­n’t what we expect­ed, but that’s anoth­er sto­ry). As we were mosey­ing along, enjoy­ing the rel­a­tive lack of crowds, we saw the Williams-Sono­ma store. We’ve been seek­ing a sin­gle mez­za­lu­na, so we went on in.

And there were my bowls. Sit­ting right there, love­ly. And RED! 

And she bought them for me, right away, no ques­tions asked. I did­n’t even have a chance to con­sid­er whether or not I could afford them. She grabbed a clerk, got them to find the bowls (ini­tial­ly, they said they were out of stock), and had them all wrapped up in no time at all.

I enjoyed using them last night, and they’re in use again today. Part of the reclaim­ing, I think.

Thank you, sweetie!

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