Who Is the Funniest Twitterer?

Shashi Bel­lamkon­da came up with the idea for this poll, and gath­ered the nom­i­na­tions. I’m just host­ing it for him :-) The poll opens at 5 pm EST today and will close at mid­night EST on Sun­day, Decem­ber 10. It does­n’t mat­ter whether you vote in the side­bar or in this post—all the votes go to the […]

Curiousity, Following Up On a Class Assignment

I already fin­ished a school assign­ment that had me inter­view three peo­ple who use dig­i­tal cam­eras. I don’t real­ly feel like it went far enough, and I’m curi­ous as to the results I’ll get here. Help a poor stu­dent out, will ya? Do you use dig­i­tal cam­eras? Yes 28(100.0%) No 0(0.0%) If so, what manufacturer/model? If […]

Poll: Reasonable or Not?

I’m very frus­trat­ed. I keep pick­ing things up off the floor. As much as I love him, sam­bear is con­stant­ly toss­ing things to the floor. Any­where that he spends much time—his desk, his side of the bed, etc.—ends up being a total mess in short order. He sim­ply rolls his desk chair right over things […]

What to Pick Poll

First sig­nif­i­cant TCOM assign­ment: Tech­ni­cal Memo Report Length: 2–3 pages (dou­ble-spaced) You are to write a memo report on a prob­lem of your own choos­ing. That prob­lem should have “real world” rel­e­vance; it should per­tain to a work, school, or com­mu­ni­ty envi­ron­ment. Write your memo report to a super­vi­sor and describe a prob­lem that you […]


Noth­ing con­tributes so much to tran­quil­iz­ing the mind as a steady purpose—a point on which the soul may fix its intel­lec­tu­al eye. — Mary Woll­stonecraft Shel­ley Derive hap­pi­ness in one­self from a good day’s work, from illu­mi­nat­ing the fog that sur­rounds us. — Hen­ri Matisse Nev­er despair; but if you do, work on in despair. […]

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