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First significant TCOM assignment:
Technical Memo Report
Length: 2-3 pages (double-spaced)
You are to write a memo report on a problem of your own choosing. That problem should have “real world” relevance; it should pertain to a work, school, or community environment. Write your memo report to a supervisor and describe a problem that you think needs to be resolved. In your memo report, define the problem carefully, note causes and effects, discuss possible solutions, and provide a conclusion. You may include other parts if they are appropriate for your audience. If a visual aid or table is appropriate, do include it.

I can think of any number of topics pertaining to technical or software issues. In fact, I have been meaning to address a particular issue in a volunteer organization for which I work. I probably have several pieces of email I’ve written for various past jobs in my archives that could easily be cleaned up and used for the assignment. But I rather like the idea of doing something different, but still “technical.”

I’m not the gaming geek, but I happen to be (essentially) married to one of the very biggest gaming geeks on the planet. I’m considering writing something involving game mechanics—it is unlikely that the professor will have received such a paper in the past. I certainly haven’t written such a thing in the past.

So what topic should I pick?

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Update something I’ve already written
Do it on the non-profit organization issue
Use my resident GM and do something on game mechanics
Do something completely different
If something completely different, make a suggestion!

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