Poll: Reasonable or Not?

I’m very frustrated. I keep picking things up off the floor. As much as I love him, sambear is constantly tossing things to the floor. Anywhere that he spends much time—his desk, his side of the bed, etc.—ends up being a total mess in short order. He simply rolls his desk chair right over things without noticing them.

He doesn’t seem to “get” how much this bothers me. I truly believe that there shouldn’t be ANYTHING on the floor. There’s carpet. If we had hardwood floors, there would be a few throw rugs. There’s furniture. Shoes are okay, although I think they should be put away if they aren’t on your feet. Pets are okay. Babies can be placed on the floor if it’s clean enough and they’re supervised closely, although I wouldn’t let them crawl around in here (the office). In any case, I prefer to put a quilt down on the floor and place babies on that, then ring them ’round with pillows, soft furniture, etc.

But trash, reading material, CDs, cords, mail, dirty dishes, hardware, ID cards, and files most certainly do NOT go on the floor.

Am I being unreasonable?

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BTW – if you think I’m being unreasonable, what do you think IS reasonable?

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