I’m So Happy I’m Not the Bride!

Sam just made sure I saw most of the video for this song. It’s too good not to share it.

“The Bride” — Trick Pony

The day’s final­ly here,
There’s flow­ers everywhere.
The guests are wait­in’ with sweet anticipation.
As I look down the aisle,
The preach­er stops an’ smiles.
Church bells are ringin’ an’ the organ is playin’.
I’m so over­come that I could cry.
I’m so hap­py I’m not the bride.

She’s such a pret­ty thing
She don’t know anything
Ain’t gonna tell her that she’s out­ta her mind
The preach­er asks the question
No I got no objections
I do, I do, I want him out of my life
Throw the rice and let those white doves fly
Oh hap­py day, I’m not the bride 

Eat some more cake
Throw the bouquet
Pass the cham­pagne, it’s time to celebrate
I’m gonna dance this night away
Oh yeah 

The groom is get­tin’ loud
His new wife starts to shout
Oh this is per­fect, it can only get better
They’re fight­in’ in the car
Off to a real good start
His mom­ma’s cryin’ aren’t they love­ly together
They’re dri­vin’ away, we’re wavin’ goodbye
Those call in, last amen, hallelujah
By the grace of God go I, I’m not the bride 

I’m not the bride
I’m free, I’m free, I’m free
I’m not the bride 

Good luck girl
You’re gonna need it
Ha ha ha

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