What’s On Your Coffee Table?

I wan­na know. Come on, tell me! In our case, it’s actu­al­ly sev­er­al bas­kets spread through­out the house. I’m sure I’m miss­ing some­thing that just does­n’t hap­pen to be here at the moment. 2004 Christ­mas Orna­ment edi­tion of Just CrossStitch Bitch Bot­tom Line Per­son­al Busi­ness 2.0 Com­mu­ni­ties Com­put­er Gamer Cook’s Illus­trat­ed CPU Dis­cov­er Diver­si­ty­Inc. Dr. Dob­b’s Journal […]


A Pos­si­ble Pagan Polit­i­cal Plat­form Plank if you please… Reli­gious Road Kill Retrieval Right of Way Leg­is­la­tion Reli­gious Road Kill Retrieval Right of Way leg­is­la­tion is imper­a­tive if we are to save the lives of many mes­mer­ized Pagans. We need to enact Stat­ues that will strong­ly encour­age the aver­age motorist to be on the look­out for […]

Poetry: IV

From A Tim­bered Choir (Coun­ter­point). –Wen­dell Berry The sum­mer ends, and it is time To face anoth­er way. Our theme Reversed, we har­vest the last row To store against the cold, undo The gar­den that will be undone. We grieve under the weak­ened sun To see all earth­’s green foun­tains dried, And fall­en all the works of light. You do not speak, and […]

My Baby? Not Really, Now :-(

Sat­ur­day night, shad­owkatt got a real treat — ga_sunshine took her to see They Might Be Giants at the Vari­ety Play­house. There was one lit­tle hitch. For some rea­son, it was declared an adults-only (16 and up, maybe?) show.  Hon­est­ly, our kids have been lis­ten­ing to TMBG for years. I could­n’t see any harm in […]

Oh, Now That’s SO Honorable

Repub­li­cans Admit Mail­ing Cam­paign Lit­er­a­ture Say­ing Lib­er­als Will Ban the Bible The Repub­li­can Par­ty acknowl­edged yes­ter­day send­ing mass mail­ings to res­i­dents of two states warn­ing that “lib­er­als” seek to ban the Bible. It said the mail­ings were part of its effort to mobi­lize reli­gious vot­ers for Pres­i­dent Bush. The mail­ings include images of the Bible labeled “banned” […]

Poem: The Rules of Evidence

The Rules of Evi­dence –Lee Robin­son What you want to say most is inad­mis­si­ble. Say it any­way. Say it again. What they tell you is irrel­e­vant can’t be denied and will even­tu­al­ly be heard. Every ques­tion is a lead­ing ques­tion. Ask it any­way, then expect what you won’t get. There is no such thing as the orig­i­nal so you’ll have to […]

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