Okay, I know, I’m post­ing too much. But I’m won­der­ing about hav­ing a week­end-long stitch-n-bitch here at our place some­time. I know that waya and hopeev­ey stitch. I think devichan does (will ask when she comes back). otter­gr­rl, do you stitch? elf­girl is even local! ga_sunshine, did you ever get any fur­ther with your project? […]


Sam start­ed going through his “mem­o­ry box” to find some­thing, then opened mine. He found it, and we framed it—the cov­er of his nov­el now hangs in our home, as it should have quite a while back. While it was out, I went through my box and threw out a lot of stuff—why do I have […]


I walked away from the geek stuff for a much-need­ed break. I col­ored and stitched a bit, and Sam and I gamed for a while. I need to do home­work. I haven’t done it yet. I don’t wan­na at the moment. Sam made bis­cuits for me this morn­ing :-) I enjoyed a sybarit­ic soak in the […]

Linux Error

A com­plete­ly clean install of Lin­ux on the serv­er was lovely—until the sec­ond reboot (I don’t remem­ber why at the moment). And then it decid­ed that XFree86 absolute­ly can­not run. Nope, not at all. Try­ing to use the con­fig­u­ra­tion util­i­ties gets a “can’t open dis­play” error. I want an alpha geek house call, pret­ty please. I’m […]

PC Nattering

I cleared the CMOS on the serv­er, flashed the BIOS, repar­ti­tioned and for­mat­ted the hard dri­ve. I took out the sound, video, and IDE con­troller cards we’d added, as well as the real­ly huge hard dri­ve (which requires the added con­troller card to work). I dis­abled the inte­grat­ed NIC, as it seems to become unreliable, […]

Patches Mystery

Okay, Patch­es has us com­plete­ly mys­ti­fied. I shut Patch­es out of our room last night, since she was so unfriend­ly to Sam and did­n’t want to stay out of the bed. Some­how, that seems to have caused her to real­ize that Sam’s pack hier­ar­chy is much high­er than hers, because she was quite friend­ly to […]

Malware Author Arrested

YES! Arrest due in ‘Blaster’ com­put­er worm case Okay, he isn’t the true orig­i­na­tor of it, but he did make it more lethal. I still want the spam­mers who cre­at­ed the orig­i­nal drawn and quar­tered. The amount of spam I’ve got­ten at cer­tain email address­es has already increased great­ly since that damned thing hit.

Patches and the Migraine

Patch­es bit Sam last night (sigh). He was try­ing to put her leash on her for a walk — part of the “get dog to attach to Sam instead of Cyn­thia” cam­paign. Appar­ent­ly she felt threat­ened and she bit him. Not a bad bite, but it did break the skin. She’s com­plete­ly fine with me, and […]

Executive Dysfunction/LJ Geekery

Fas­ci­nat­ing stuff about “exec­u­tive dysfunctions”—thanks, jenk. It’s def­i­nite­ly of inter­est to any­one with a close friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber with ADD/ADHD. Grr. I can’t get the style thingie to do what I want. I don’t have a “read com­ments” link for my friends’ entries any more.

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