Patches and the Migraine

Patches bit Sam last night (sigh). He was trying to put her leash on her for a walk – part of the “get dog to attach to Sam instead of Cynthia” campaign. Apparently she felt threatened and she bit him. Not a bad bite, but it did break the skin.

She’s completely fine with me, and she seems fine with Katie. In fact, she believed she’d be sleeping in the bed with me last night—that didn’t go over well. She doesn’t want to be near Sam, so she accepted a compromise of having her bed on the floor next to my side of the bed. She was near me, but I was between her and Sam.

Now that Sam isn’t in the apartment, she’s downright perky. She’s finally eating (she didn’t eat much yesterday), and she’s poking her pretty little nose into everything. She is still very curious about Shelley, who is sound asleep in Sam’s desk chair right now. Patches is going around exploring, coming back to me every couple of minutes to be petted and reassured that yes, I’m still here. Much like a toddler 🙂

She met a ferret on one of our walks yesterday. One of the neighborhood kids had just bathed her ferret and had him in a harness for a walk. I’m not sure how the ferret stays in the harness, as they’re such boneless little slinkies that it hardly seems that any kind of containment would work! But it did stay on its leash, and Frosty (the ferret) and Patches sniffed each other quite thoroughly with no growling or aggression.

I feel that this migraine has moved in all too thoroughly. When it isn’t blinding, I still feel it camped in me, coloring everything I do. It hurts. I’m not resting thoroughly because I simply can’t. There are things to be done. But I’m not doing anything optional. So I don’t think I’m going to be going to Florida 🙁

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