Yay! and Boo!

The good news: we’re final­ly done with the water boil­ing! It’s a good thing, too. The stores are all out of bot­tled water. The bad news: the girl has a nasty migraine :-( She was sup­posed to leave Fri­day after­noon for the week­end, and it looks like that may not hap­pen. I hope she does­n’t have […]

Memitude: Who am I?

From and : You know how some­times peo­ple on your friend’s list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sud­den you think “Wait a minute? Since when are they work­ing THERE? Since when are they dat­ing HIM/HER? since when???” And then you won­der how you could have missed all that […]

The Value of Education for Chronic Illness Patients

Paula Kamen, author of All In My Head, talks about the val­ue of edu­ca­tion in cop­ing with chron­ic ill­ness in an excel­lent edi­to­r­i­al in the New York Times, Leav­ing the Rab­bit Hole. This pas­sage, in par­tic­u­lar, spoke to me: The worst thing, to me, about hav­ing a non-stop mul­ti-year headache isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly the pain. Or the […]

Off to Use Up More Gas!

The girl woke up with a migraine. She has oral surgery today, so she might as well get all the feel­ing like crap over with in one day, right? Okay—I’d rather she did­n’t have more ick­i­ness on top of what’s planned, hon­est­ly. But I’m try­ing not to get all freaky. I always do when my baby […]

Another Day, Another Doctor

I haven’t been post­ing a lot of per­son­al stuff late­ly, large­ly hop­ing to avoid whing­ing too much about pain and such. I saw the new pain doc today, though, and I real­ly like this prac­tice much bet­ter than the first one. The doc­tor actu­al­ly did an exam! (I did have to gig­gle when he asked if […]


I was awak­ened this morn­ing by a col­lec­tions call—from a com­pa­ny that I paid on time! Their sys­tem is screwed up, as they admit­ted to me when I called them yesterday—but they STILL sent it to a damned col­lec­tions agency (for what they claim is some­thing 15 days late) to harass me! Some­body is in […]

Nice Morning

My morn­ing start­ed with a migraine threat. sam­bear drugged me, though, and left me in the nice dark room. That beat back the migraine. When I got up again a cou­ple of hours lat­er, Katie was up and eat­ing, hav­ing ward­ed off the crit­ters who would have oth­er­wise made sure that I was up.  I have […]

We’re Home

The girl is on a migraine pre­ven­tive now, instead of just tak­ing meds when she gets a migraine or when she’s hav­ing an aller­gy shot (which always trig­gers a migraine). That’s a darned good thing, since the only res­cue med that works for her is Amerge, and the insur­ance com­pa­ny won’t pay for more than […]

Sick Baby

shad­owkatt could use some love. She’s in bed with yet anoth­er migraine. She’s missed all but one night of dance class­es this week, all of them last week, and mar­tial arts last Sat­ur­day. Much of that time was spent hud­dled in my and sam­bear’s bed­room, as we can make it dark­er than any oth­er room […]

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