Nice Morning

My morning started with a migraine threat. sambear drugged me, though, and left me in the nice dark room. That beat back the migraine.

When I got up again a couple of hours later, Katie was up and eating, having warded off the critters who would have otherwise made sure that I was up.

I have a great family 🙂

Since then, Katie hung up the biggest bird feeder for me, and we deployed the butterfly garden pot that was a sweet Yule present from joyeuse13 and hubby. I’m eager to see the seeds grow. We washed out the bird watering dish and filled it with fresh water, and Katie and I are planning the shopping trip to acquire more bird feeding (cat entertainment) infrastructure.

We’ll need a fair number more shepherd’s crook poles, and more hangers to be attached to the outside of the house. We have a finch feeder with no finch seed, so we’ll get some of that. The dish I used for the ground feeders broke over the winter, so it needs to be replaced, too. We need a water dish for the front yard, as well. I have several good places for window mount feeders, but I’ve never tried those before. The hummingbird feeders are also AWOL.

All the hearing cats enjoyed a walk while we were going in and out, and are still out. Shelley especially loves sunbathing on the patio. I think Karli is a bit jealous, as Shelley is taking one of her favorite spots.

The shelf unit for starting seedlings indoors is assembled but has to be adjusted before I can really use it. It suffered a slight mishap during construction but is still usable.

I’m trying to figure out how many containers I need for the front and back porches. We found a fair number out in the shed, so I’ll just start with those.

We definitely need lots more hooks to mount inside and out for plant baskets and bird stuff.

Some nursery is going to be very happy when we visit.

Is it weird that I want to mount window box-type planters in several places inside the house? Our bathroom just begs for rows of plants beneath those big windows, and lots of greenery would help me get past the ugly brown and mustard yellow tile in there.

We measured the current back garden space, and tonight curiousmay9 and I will figure out how many posts and how much more fencing is needed for that. The front garden, going in this weekend, won’t need a fence. I think. It’s largely intended to keep the dog from wallowing in the garden and to serve as a trellis for some of the vines.

Last night, curiousmay9 planted about 50 bulbs in front around one of the magnolias, and got the Asian lilies and the azaleas in the ground. We’ll get the rest of the roses planted this weekend.

We’ve decided to move the stone mailbox over a few feet, too. We’re going to widen the driveway eventually. The new, locking mailbox will go into the ground, then we’ll move the stone over and mortar it around the new mailbox. Then I’m going to get some of the creeping roses and train them up and over it.

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