The Ungame

sam­bear’s tum­my is unhappy—probably due to his new meds. That meant that we did­n’t get to go to what should have been shad­owkatt’s first Wing Chun class. Boo.

We did, how­ev­er, have a good fam­i­ly check-in time, fol­lowed by an hour or so of The Ungame. I learned that shad­owkatt and her friend C had played dur­ing C’s vis­it with dra­cofrost (across the net), which both pleased and sur­prised me. I’ve just learned that there’s a teen ver­sion of it, and I’m won­der­ing how dif­fer­ent the ques­tions are.

sam­bear and I played some of the cou­ples ver­sion this past week. He’s the first part­ner I’ve ever had who has agreed to play it with me! I’ve had the game since my first marriage—I think it was a gift from some­one. None of my three hus­bands ever agreed to play it. I’m tick­led that sam­bear not only agreed, but liked it.

The cou­ples ver­sion could eas­i­ly be used by poly folks, although I think it would be good to make up specif­i­cal­ly poly ques­tions and add them to the decks. What ques­tions would you put in?

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