Bring Us Your Smoothies!

Recipes, any­way.

Katie was informed by her doc­tor this week that she real­ly needs to put on 10–12 lbs, and she’ll still be on the thin side for her height and build. 

Now, we’ve gone through this “must gain weight” thing through­out her 14 years. She’s always been in the 90th per­centile or so for height in her age group, and 50th or less for weight, accord­ing to all the love­ly charts. She’s just a slen­der girl, not to men­tion the fact that 5 dance classes/week + mar­tial arts class­es burn lots of energy.

The doc­tor ordered smooth­ies with pro­tein pow­der added, aim­ing for about 300 calories/drink.

I keep find­ing recipes that assume one wants to LOSE weight, rather than gain it. 

The girl wants choco­late or orange smooth­ies, “noth­ing mixed.” She quite adored the Orange Julius she had this week.

(Would a choco­late smooth­ie actu­al­ly be a shake? What’s the dif­fer­ence between shakes and smoothies?)

I did get some sup­pos­ed­ly taste­less pro­tein pow­der at GNC to be added to the smoothies.

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