Lots of TV!

I am SO ridiculously spoiled.

There are two things coming on at 9 pm that I want to tape—Angel and Alias. Only one of the VCRs does the commercial avoidance thing, and I’m annoyed that I’ll have to manually forward through the commercials on whichever show I tape on the other VCR.

That’s spoiled.

Alias, Angel, Buffy, and Firefly. For someone who doesn’t like TV much, I sure am watching a lot of it. I tape Enterprise, but that’s just for sambear as it doesn’t really do much for me. And we have the Birds of Prey premiere on the calendar so that I’ll remember to tape that.

In other news, I discovered that for some reason Eudora stopped checking one of my email accounts a little over a month ago. Whoops. I had over 200 messages waiting. Lots of catching up there, but thankfully most of the stuff needed no actual response from me.

Current Mood: 😉ditzy
Current Music: Sam watching last week’s Alias episode
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