Why Is It All Bad?

Maybe I should just stop reading, or listening to, the news. I heard about most of this stuff on NPR and saw the stories on CNN as well.

So now the Catholic Bishops are proposing (gasp) firing priests who are proven pedophiles! But only if they’re known to have molested more than one child. Yep, they all get one free rape. Every statistic I have EVER seen on pedophiles shows that they do molest more than one child if they have access to them, and there is no way to “cure” them. None. They have VERY high recidivism. I don’t even believe in one free bite for dogs before putting them down. If somebody had shot the bastard who molested me as a child after the first time he was known to have raped a child, I and a whole lot of other kids would not have been hurt by him. And yes, I blame every single adult who knew what he was and didn’t do something about it. So I don’t just think they need to defrock the pedophile priests, I think they should all be put to death along with every other child molester on this or any other planet.

How does everybody, including the pool service guy, fail to notice that a missing seven-year-old’s body was in the pool for two days? Just how big was this pool, anyway? And how wild was the party during which the kid disappeared?

I couldn’t find a working link for this story, but a 10-year-old girl died this weekend in Lawrenceville after she dove into an above-ground pool and broke her neck, then drowned. There were no adults outside when she was swimming. Why was a ten-year-old swimming unattended? Heck, ADULTS aren’t supposed to swim unattended according to every set of safety rules I’ve ever seen.

I have this horrible feeling that will not go away that the grandmother, or great-aunt, or godmother, or whatever you want to call that criminal that had this child in her hands, sold her to someone.

Several airlines have jerked a fair number of people off planes since 9/11 for the offense of being brown-skinned. And of course, there’s a lawsuit against the airlines about it now. The airlines claim all the incidents were due to “legitimate security concerns” but in almost every case, they turned around and put the passengers on other flights immediately without any kind of security checking or clearance. So really, the problem was just that they looked like they MIGHT be from the middle east.

Since when is getting only 23% of the questions on a test right a passing grade? And people wonder why I homeschool my daughter? As a matter of fact, why is it that in quite a few states, homeschoolers have to have their kids tested every year or so? If their kids don’t perform to a certain standard, they aren’t allowed to homeschool them anymore. So why don’t schools have to do the same thing? If a majority of the students in their care don’t perform at or above a certain level every year, they should be closed down.

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