Just a Bard, Right!

Okay, I’m hap­py girl (a geek, but hap­py). My lit­tle sixth-lev­­el bard char­ac­ter killed an eighth-lev­­el fighter/rogue/assassin and two trolls in today’s game and did about half the dam­age that took out anoth­er troll. And until we got to the assas­sin guy, she did­n’t get a scratch. Killing him was, tru­ly, worth the 19 hit […]

The Last Time…

The Fri­day Five: 1. …sent a hand­writ­ten let­ter? I wrote notes for every day for Katie and G when they went to Girl Scout camp a few weeks ago. Does that count? 2. …baked some­thing from scratch or made some­thing by hand? I’m stitch­ing a birth announce­ment for a friend now. I always have sev­er­al stitch­ing projects […]


Okay. Search­ing on Google for “Cyn­thia is” returns: Cyn­thia is the Secretary/Assistant that can offer Span­ish-Eng­lish. My note: I would­n’t hire her after read­ing that sen­tence. Cyn­thia is a mem­ber of the Soci­ety of Chil­dren’s Book Writ­ers and Illus­tra­tors, Word­craft Cir­cle, West­ern Writ­ers of Amer­i­ca, and of The Texas Writ­ers League. Also avail­able by Cynthia […]


I’ve been look­ing for a job (though some­what lack­adaisi­cal­ly) for a while. I keep an eye on sev­er­al dif­fer­ent job list­ing sites and send out some resumes every week. I haven’t got­ten many respons­es, but I haven’t sent that many out, either. I was­n’t respond­ing to any ads unless I met every one of their […]

Alpha and Abusive Aren’t the Same

I looked at the Which Alpha Male is right for you? quiz that I’ve seen in sev­er­al of my friends’ LJ entries. It is yet anoth­er test I could­n’t actu­al­ly com­plete because the author’s idea of an Alpha Male sounds like an abu­sive, con­trol­ling, inse­cure bas­tard. Not my kind of any­thing. I know these quizzes […]

Friday Five

Okay, now for some­thing lighter. The Fri­day Five: 1. Do you live in a house, an apart­ment, or a con­do? A house. 2. Do you rent or own? Rent­ing now, hope to buy a home next year when this lease is up. 3. Does any­one else live with you? My part­ner sam­bear and our three kids. Oh—there […]

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