Just a Bard, Right!

Okay, I’m happy girl (a geek, but happy). My little sixth-level bard character killed an eighth-level fighter/rogue/assassin and two trolls in today’s game and did about half the damage that took out another troll. And until we got to the assassin guy, she didn’t get a scratch. Killing him was, truly, worth the 19 hit point he cost her (temporarily). I was worried about combat before because no, she really isn’t much of a fighter, the weapons she has don’t do that much damage at a time (well, it seems that way in the other game where the same character is fifteenth level and has access to the same weapons), and she has absolutely no spells with any offensive value at all.

Of course, the Assassin’s Guild is rather pissy now, but hey, you just can’t please all the people all the time. And he did follow and attack us, and she did warn him off before firing at him (they had some interaction in the past).

This geeking brought to you courtesy of sambear‘s willingness to GM.

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