I’m a What?

So the Personality ID test says I’m a Strategic Thinker. This is a surprise to me. I hate being in charge of anyone but myself. But I’d rather be in charge than leave leadership to an incompetent twit, so I guess that counts.

General Description
As a Strategic Thinker, you excel by blending your strong drive to reach goals with a desire for precision, accuracy, and quality. As a result, you are well equipped to be in charge, especially in situations or projects where producing quality output is a priority.

Typical Areas of Strength
Strategic Thinkers, like you, are goal-oriented, precise, analytical, assertive, confident, prepared; you tend to insist on high standards. You have a good eye for detail and usually push to get things done right.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You may sometimes come across as rigid, cold, picky, pushy, dogmatic, or stubborn. In your desire to achieve results, you may become overly critical, judgmental, or insistent on doing things your way.

Your Preferred Activities
Because you are highly task-oriented, you usually desire to control two key elements of any project: goals and quality.

Your Communication Style
Strategic Thinkers, like you, are usually gifted communicators who strongly believe that what they are saying is absolutely correct and represents the right direction to take.

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