Okay, Lemmingness

I am anES­SAY WRITER I like to take an ana­lyt­i­cal and objec­tive approach to the sub­jects I write about. By telling the hard truth with­out any frills I make lots of ene­mies as well as lots of friends. Cur­rent Mood:…

PC Life Cycles

Since some of you might not read Slash­dot… http://www.ddj.com/documents/s=7453/ddj0208q/0208q.htm Sam has been howl­ing at this. It’s painful­ly fun­ny because we’ve lived the whole scale of crufti­ness with our PCs.


Today’s cool site: http://www.wiretapmag.org/ “Wire­Tap is the inde­pen­dent infor­ma­tion source by and for social­ly con­scious youth, show­cas­ing inves­tiga­tive news arti­cles, per­son­al essays and opin­ions, art­work and activism resources that chal­lenge stereo­types, inspire cre­ativ­i­ty, fos­ter dia­logue and give young peo­ple a voice…


The ant thing is seri­ous­ly get­ting to me. No mat­ter how clean the kitchen is, there are ants. And I can­not find where they’re enter­ing! It has to be under/behind the cab­i­nets or the dish­wash­er, and I sus­pect some­thing around…

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