Library Visit

Katie and I had a love­ly vis­it to the library, longer than we’d planned due to the thun­der­storm that came up while we were inside. I did­n’t want to go out while the rain was com­ing down in buck­ets, so we hung out until there was a break. It was a very brief break, but we did get to the car with all the books with­out being com­plete­ly soaked.

We’d already seen a light­ning strike that seemed very near­by while dri­ving there and were hear­ing a lot of thun­der. Two pre-teen girls who looked like sis­ters were sit­ting out­side, appar­ent­ly wait­ing for a ride—sitting on the met­al bike rack. I point­ed out that it might not be the best place to be with light­ning near­by, and was reward­ed with incred­i­bly nasty looks. They did, how­ev­er, move.

Yes, I could have sim­ply let them play Dar­win­ian roulette, but what­ev­er kind of par­ent is let­ting two lit­tle girls hang out wait­ing for a ride alone prob­a­bly has­n’t done much in the way of warn­ing them about things like “met­al attracts lightning.”

A bunch of the mate­ri­als we’d request­ed for our Bonobo project research had arrived, along with a Charles de Lint book that has sup­pos­ed­ly been wait­ing for me for over a week but could­n’t actu­al­ly be found. The librar­i­an was just inform­ing me that the hold had been can­celed because I had­n’t picked it up on time when I spot­ted it on the shelf. Its actu­al where­abouts in the sev­er­al times we’ve been at the branch will remain a mys­tery, but I do have the book.

We picked up paper­back ver­sions of The Tam­ing of the Shrew and Much Ado About Noth­ing. I real­ly appre­ci­ate all the input from y’all! After read­ing one of them, we’ll watch a per­for­mance on video. 

And the Geor­gia Shake­speare Fes­ti­val is doing Much Ado this fall! Yay! So I’m hop­ing to orga­nize a group trip with one of the home­school­ing groups with which we’re involved. Unless peo­ple from here are inter­est­ed in a mati­nee? We’d have to have at least 10 peo­ple but tick­ets for the mati­nees dur­ing the week are $10 instead of $23 or $35.

I ran into the gro­cery store on the way home because (gasp!) we were out of wet cat food and I feared for the integri­ty of my skin if I did­n’t return with some. I got com­plete­ly soaked and had to come home, strip, dry off, and change into heavy socks and a sweat­suit. I’m still cold. I’m actu­al­ly drink­ing anoth­er cup of cof­fee (and we’re out of decaf) in an attempt to warm up.

We came home to lots of 12:00 flashi­ness. I did­n’t real­ize that a storm was com­ing before we left, so we did­n’t go around unplug­ging every­thing. The router was con­fused and it and one hub had to be reset, and a cou­ple of com­put­ers reboot­ed, but they’re all work­ing prop­er­ly now. Hap­pi­ly, the UPS for the serv­er (which is a lit­tle flaky) worked this time, for a change. We def­i­nite­ly need to get a decent UPS for it and I’d pre­fer to have them for each machine, but for now, we’ll have to set­tle for the surge pro­tec­tors all around.

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