Sleepy Baby

Katie slept until about 2 pm! We were up until 1 is, but I didn’t expect it to hit her that hard. I tried to wake her earlier and she was obviously very solidly asleep, which is generally a sign that she needs the rest, so I just let her be. She hasn’t been able to get to sleep easily for the past week or so, and I guess she needed to catch up.

I’m glad neither of my parents called today, though. They have that morning-person thing going on and seem to believe that there is a moral imperative that requires all decent humans to be up, fully dressed, and productive by 6 am. Yes, that includes weekends. If they call and anyone is still in bed, they immediately assume it’s due to poor moral fiber and licentiousness.

One of Mom’s biggest objections to homeschooling is that Katie isn’t on a “normal” schedule, getting up early to catch a school bus every day for most of the year. She seriously believes that the child will NOT be able to adjust to getting herself up to go to work when she’s grown or to make early college classes.

This is the kid who was getting herself up by herself, in charge of setting and responding to her own alarm clock, at 4. I don’t remember ANY day when she was attending public school (through the end of the third grade) when she didn’t get herself up and out to the bus on time—until she developed fibromyalgia.

She does normally get herself up now, with or without an alarm clock. And she usually does so by 7 or 8 am. When her body needs sleep, though, she has to have it, or she’ll start looking like she has black eyes, then start catching every cold or similar illness carried by anyone in the county.

The judgment thing annoys me, though. I won’t lie to them and they do ask—but why do they have to be so damned judgmental about what is really a minor thing?

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