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Happy Birth­day kit­ty­bec­ca!

If any­one sees a fran­tic mes­sage post­ed from my LJ name or sent using any of my chat IDs claim­ing that some­one is being held hostage and starved, it’s just Shel­ley. We put her on Iams Active Matu­ri­ty for­mu­la dry food and she believes she’s been tor­tured. As there’s still out­put in the lit­ter box, I know she IS in fact eat­ing. She just does­n’t want us to KNOW that she’s eat­ing. There’s less out­put than before, so it’s a win-win for us—savings on both ends of the cycle!

The next hur­dle: meals at spe­cif­ic times instead of feed­ing on demand. I expect even more protest from her then.

She’s drink­ing a lot more water, too. That’s good, and I sup­pose it’s to be expect­ed with going from wet/moist to dry food. She’s still try­ing to con­vince us to run water in the show­ers for her, which we refuse to do. The pet foun­tain is plen­ty clean and fresh!

shad­owkatt is going to the pedi­a­tri­cian today. She had com­plained briefly of one of her knees both­er­ing her Sun­day night, but it seemed okay after the appli­ca­tion of an ice pack. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, both knees gave her trou­ble dur­ing her pointe prep class last night, so we picked her up ear­ly. She says they’re “pop­ping” and feel like they’re mov­ing oddly.

We did sign up for the YMCA mem­ber­ship yes­ter­day! I had planned to go this morn­ing, but of course, the girl takes prece­dence. I’m hon­est­ly won­der­ing if she needs to do some work build­ing up mus­cles to sup­port her knees.

A quote I liked from a newslet­ter, speak­ing about the right to keep and bear arms:
I’m not a par­tic­u­lar­ly big guy, and I don’t have time to become a Kung Fu expert—I need those tools (if I don’t want to sim­ply sur­ren­der my fate to what­ev­er safe­ty and jus­tice the police can secure for me, in what lit­tle time they have left after chas­ing harm­less pot smok­ers and vit­a­min tak­ers all over the countryside).
–Louis James, Free-Mar­ket News, “Weapons of Mass Instruc­tion” (this week’s newsletter)

I’ve resist­ed the lure of quizzes for so long! But walk­ing­bear is a very bad influence.
Which Oh My Gods! Char­ac­ter are You?

brought to you by Quizil­la

Yes­ter­day was a busy day. Katie did aca­d­e­mics while I did house­hold chores (while discussing/going over lessons with her) in the morn­ing. We hit the library, went to Tar­get for some basic needs, ran by CVS and the post office, and got some groceries.

I have to say that check­ing out at Pub­lix goes far faster than at Kroger, despite the fact that there were ice storm warn­ings yes­ter­day (which meant that every­body in the state when to buy bread, milk, and toi­let paper). They took my gro­ceries to the car for me, too. I did­n’t real­ly need them to do that, but it was nice.

I haven’t noticed an auto sup­ply store around here. I need wind­shield wiper flu­id and Tar­get had pre­cise­ly one crap­py kind. I want the kind that does­n’t freeze! I sup­pose I’ll have to actu­al­ly look up the loca­tion of one—imagine that!

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