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The ant thing is seri­ous­ly get­ting to me. No mat­ter how clean the kitchen is, there are ants. And I can­not find where they’re enter­ing! It has to be under/behind the cab­i­nets or the dish­wash­er, and I sus­pect some­thing around the dish­wash­er or the water pipes com­ing to the sink. But I can’t real­ly get into that area—I don’t think it’s pos­si­ble to pull the dish­wash­er out with­out some kind of work I’m not qual­i­fied to do (it cer­tain­ly does­n’t seem loose at all). 

I went out and sprayed Demon­WP all around the out­side of the house with Katie’s help. We saw lots of ants but no iden­ti­fi­able nests. There were major con­cen­tra­tions right at the entrance to the crawl space, though, and in the boards of the bot­tom deck. We also saw lots of them that seemed to be crawl­ing up from the dirt right at the foundation.

We still need to clean out and spray the garage, emp­ty every kitchen cab­i­net and spray the whole kitchen, and spray all through the house. I don’t think I have the ener­gy to tack­le all of that with­out Sam’s help (yet). But he hates this stuff even more than I do, and the bugs just don’t seem to annoy him that much.

I hate bugs.

Our lawn cut­ting neigh­bor kid has­n’t been around lately—he got a “real” part-time job for the sum­mer. But just as I was think­ing about find­ing some­one else, he called and will be com­ing over tomor­row or Wednes­day. That’s good because it needs to be cut and weed-whacked before sam­bear goes out with the broad­cast spread­er to put bug-killing poi­son all over the rest of the yard.

I love hav­ing the buffer a yard pro­vides between the house and the out­side world. I love the way we can look out of the back win­dows of the house and see green for most of the year. I hate lawn care and bugs and all that’s asso­ci­at­ed with actu­al­ly main­tain­ing the yard.

We were tru­ly appre­cia­tive of the A/C when we got back inside. Drink­ing lots of ice water now before proceeding.

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