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The ant thing is seriously getting to me. No matter how clean the kitchen is, there are ants. And I cannot find where they’re entering! It has to be under/behind the cabinets or the dishwasher, and I suspect something around the dishwasher or the water pipes coming to the sink. But I can’t really get into that area—I don’t think it’s possible to pull the dishwasher out without some kind of work I’m not qualified to do (it certainly doesn’t seem loose at all).

I went out and sprayed DemonWP all around the outside of the house with Katie’s help. We saw lots of ants but no identifiable nests. There were major concentrations right at the entrance to the crawl space, though, and in the boards of the bottom deck. We also saw lots of them that seemed to be crawling up from the dirt right at the foundation.

We still need to clean out and spray the garage, empty every kitchen cabinet and spray the whole kitchen, and spray all through the house. I don’t think I have the energy to tackle all of that without Sam’s help (yet). But he hates this stuff even more than I do, and the bugs just don’t seem to annoy him that much.

I hate bugs.

Our lawn cutting neighbor kid hasn’t been around lately—he got a “real” part-time job for the summer. But just as I was thinking about finding someone else, he called and will be coming over tomorrow or Wednesday. That’s good because it needs to be cut and weed-whacked before sambear goes out with the broadcast spreader to put bug-killing poison all over the rest of the yard.

I love having the buffer a yard provides between the house and the outside world. I love the way we can look out of the back windows of the house and see green for most of the year. I hate lawn care and bugs and all that’s associated with actually maintaining the yard.

We were truly appreciative of the A/C when we got back inside. Drinking lots of ice water now before proceeding.

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