Okay, now I have to wonder.

What do you con­sid­er a secret? What do you share with whom? Do you con­sid­er any­thing said to you to be repeat­able unless you’ve specif­i­cal­ly been asked to keep it a secret? Is there any­one from whom you have no secrets at all?

I have no secrets from sam­bear. Any­thing said to me might as well be said to him. It’s reciprocal.

I don’t ever say some­thing to any­one that I would want her to keep from her pri­ma­ry partner(s). Spouse, life part­ner, whatever—if it’s a seri­ous, com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship, I fig­ure that they have no secrets between them. So there are some things I can­not share with some friends because I don’t trust their pri­ma­ry part­ners as much as I trust them.

I don’t think girlfriends/boyfriends are in the same league, though. And I guess that could be tricky, because how I see some­one’s rela­tion­ship may be very dif­fer­ent from how he sees that rela­tion­ship. If the peo­ple are liv­ing togeth­er as some­thing oth­er than room­mates, though, I assume it’s a pri­ma­ry part­ner­ship unless I’ve been told otherwise.

What are your rules?

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