Meditation & Litany

From an_gadhar‘s Meditation, courtesy of misia.

The Father God is stern but loving, smiling benignly on his strong white sons, with their square shoulders and their firm, clean-shaven jaws. He is strict about things like sex and lying: sin is sin. He expects obedience, but he’ll usually forgive you if you ask nicely. He favors brownnosers. Everything goes on your permanent record.

The Mother Goddess is not so single-minded. She is indulgent and forgetful, extravagant and capricious. She favors skin a thousand shades of brown and pink and mahogany; she thinks large, hooked noses are beautiful, so are broad, flat noses, as well as small pert ones. Hair of all kinds pleases her, the more the better, on every part of the body. Most of her warm-blooded children have it all over them; why should humans be any different? She absolutely dotes on curves, love-handles, jiggles, and folds, and makes sure that people acquire these attributes as easily as possible. She also likes wrinkles. A lot.

And from the Litany

Lady Goddess of the human world, of ingenuity and the delight of making things, of human appetites and desires and everything we get Not Quite Right, but Boy Howdy, We’re Trying, Lady of all our well-meant failures as well as our happy accidents, Goddess watching over everything we do even if we’re paying no attention to her,

Lady Goddess of Legos and Dogloos,
of Swiss Army knives and Laz-e-boy recliners,
search engines, cell phones, and automatic dishwashers,
of walkmans and Dremel moto-tools, paper, microwave ovens,
corkscrews, polarfleece, sweat-wicking underwear, and ball-point pens

Goddess of the computer I write this with, may it never crash

Go read the rest of both—those are just teasers.

Yes, I adore misia, source of all good things!

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