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Leah tagged me on Face­book to write 25 ran­dom things about myself, then Sam tagged me to come up with 16 ran­dom tid­bits. I’m not good at these things, but I’ll give it a try. I did­n’t go to kinder­garten but start­ed first grade when I was 5 because my moth­er thought she had to put […]

Mah tahred hurts

Read it pho­net­i­cal­ly. When I’m real­ly tired, I fall back into the Alaba­ma accent. Made it to my appoint­ment this morn­ing. Made it to Katie’s appoint­ment on the oth­er side of the world. Then the car would­n’t crank. In fact, it would­n’t do any­thing at all. Not even the auto­mat­ic door locks were work­ing. No […]


Hap­py birth­day to aquaeri, net­crimes and (though I’m unsure of the exact date) leduck! I’d appre­ci­ate it if y’all could also stop and pray (send energy/thoughts/whatever you do in your prac­tice) for net­crimes and her fam­i­ly. She lost her father-in-law Sat­ur­day fol­lowed by her hus­band (only 40 years old!) on Sunday.


Brezs­ny’s words to Scor­pios for this week: SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “At the inner­most core of all lone­li­ness is a deep and pow­er­ful yearn­ing for union with one’s lost self,” wrote Irish play­wright Bren­dan Fran­cis Behan. Let these words serve as your guid­ing light in the com­ing weeks, Scor­pio. They should inspire you to be brave […]

Short Attention Span Entry, Little Actual Content

Loc8tor — I can’t begin to imag­ine how much time we’d save with some­thing like this. I don’t lose my glass­es, since I have to wear them all the time. (Ask sam­bear about how bad­ly I pan­ic if I wake up in the night and can­not imme­di­ate­ly put my hand on them.) Keys, PDAs, wallets, […]

Okay Now, Rob

Brezs­ny is seri­ous­ly work­ing on sell­ing me on his book. This week’s mes­sage to Scor­pios: SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In my home­land of North­ern Cal­i­for­nia, four of the most overused terms are “juicy,” “sacred,” “rad­i­cal,” and “wild.” I haven’t made a sci­en­tif­ic study, but I’d guess that maybe 30 per­cent of all work­shops and self-help […]

Thanks, Rob. I Feel Enabled. Poor Readers!

In this week’s newslet­ter, Rob Brezs­ny has this advice for me and oth­er Scor­pios: SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Wide­ly regard­ed as a top mil­i­tary his­to­ri­an, Mar­tin van Crev­eld has writ­ten books that have been influ­en­tial in shap­ing mod­ern the­o­ries of war­fare. The U.S. Army makes his work required read­ing for its offi­cers. That’s why it […]


Damn. Just—Damn. I sup­pose I have more faith in human nature than I think I do because when­ev­er I hear about things like peo­ple shoot­ing at copters try­ing to evac­u­ate hos­pi­tal patients, I can’t quite process the infor­ma­tion. I’m hor­ri­fied. I feel for those peo­ple. I wish I could help them. I feel utter­ly useless […]

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