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Mah tahred hurts

Read it pho­net­i­cal­ly. When I’m real­ly tired, I fall back into the Alaba­ma accent.

Made it to my appoint­ment this morn­ing. Made it to Katie’s appoint­ment on the oth­er side of the world. Then the car would­n’t crank. In fact, it would­n’t do any­thing at all. Not even the auto­mat­ic door locks were work­ing. No rea­son at all for it—I did­n’t leave the lights on or any­thing like that.1

So I had to call AAA, and renew the mem­ber­ship because of course it had expired, and then we wait­ed for the bat­tery truck. And wait­ed. And talked to four or five dif­fer­ent peo­ple to clar­i­fy exact­ly where we were2, and what kind of car I was dri­ving, to make sure Bat­tery Guy would have the right mod­el bat­tery for our car.

He test­ed the bat­tery when he final­ly found us, and yep, it was dead. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, our make, mod­el, and year car had three dif­fer­ent types of bat­ter­ies. He had two, so of course we need­ed the third. He jumped us off and sent me down the road to Pep Boys.

They test­ed again, and the thing bare­ly moved the nee­dle on their tester thingie. So now we have a brand new bat­tery, and I took the chance to get a car charg­er for my phone.

Katie had want­ed to wait to get lunch after her appoint­ment, when we’d be near an Arby’s.3 The poor girl did­n’t get her lunch ’til almost 5!

Then we slogged through unusu­al­ly heavy traf­fic (we should have been going against the flow), and just final­ly made it home.

I’m glad we can­celed the girl’s ther­a­py appoint­ment tonight, because I was­n’t sure then that we’d be back in this area on time. Now I’m just too tired to take her.

Sam is meet­ing a friend from out of town tonight, so he won’t be home ’til lat­er. I’m real­ly grate­ful this did­n’t hap­pen when he had the car, because it would have screwed up his work sched­ule and pos­si­bly caused him to miss meet­ing Julia. And, hap­pi­ly, it did­n’t hap­pen until after we made both appoint­ments.

If you sent me email today, or tried to chat at me, I’m sor­ry. I don’t promise a response today. I’m going to bed now, with break­through pain meds and so on.

Oh—for your enter­tain­ment, Toe Read­ing! Thanks to for the link. If this were April 1, I would be cer­tain it was a hoax.

1 Although I did have the lights on ear­li­er, as it had been snow­ing. Yes, I said snow­ing. Geor­gia law requires the use of head­lights if there’s any pre­cip­i­ta­tion.

2 That’s after I gave them the exact address and near­est cross street, the name of the office park, land­marks on four sides, and the alter­nate name for the street. That boy was new to the area or seri­ous­ly dense.

3 Decatur is a no-Arby’s zone, for some weird rea­son.

1 comment to Mah tahred hurts

  • **gen­tle­hugs**

    I’m sor­ry AAA was so clue­less — I’ve always had very good luck with them.

    Toe Read­ing? That’s def­i­nite­ly a new one on me.