Mah tahred hurts

Read it phonetically. When I’m really tired, I fall back into the Alabama accent.

Made it to my appointment this morning. Made it to Katie’s appointment on the other side of the world. Then the car wouldn’t crank. In fact, it wouldn’t do anything at all. Not even the automatic door locks were working. No reason at all for it—I didn’t leave the lights on or anything like that.1Although I did have the lights on earlier, as it had been snowing. Yes, I said snowing. Georgia law requires the use of headlights if there’s any precipitation.

So I had to call AAA and renew the membership because of course it had expired, and then we waited for the battery truck. And waited. And talked to four or five different people to clarify exactly where we were2That’s after I gave them the exact address and nearest cross street, the name of the office park, landmarks on four sides, and the alternate name for the street. That boy was new to the area or seriously dense., and what kind of car I was driving, to make sure Battery Guy would have the right model battery for our car.

He tested the battery when he finally found us, and yep, it was dead. Unfortunately, our make, model, and year car had three different types of batteries. He had two, so of course, we needed the third. He jumped us off and sent me down the road to Pep Boys.

They tested again, and the thing barely moved the needle on their tester thingie. So now we have a brand new battery, and I took the chance to get a car charger for my phone.

Katie had wanted to wait to get lunch after her appointment when we’d be near an Arby’s.3Decatur is a no-Arby’s zone, for some weird reason. The poor girl didn’t get her lunch ’til almost 5!

Then we slogged through unusually heavy traffic (we should have been going against the flow), and just finally made it home.

I’m glad we canceled the girl’s therapy appointment tonight because I wasn’t sure then that we’d be back in this area on time. Now I’m just too tired to take her.

Sam is meeting a friend from out of town tonight, so he won’t be home ’til later. I’m really grateful this didn’t happen when he had the car because it would have screwed up his work schedule and possibly caused him to miss meeting Julia. And, happily, it didn’t happen until after we made both appointments.

If you sent me an email today or tried to chat with me, I’m sorry. I don’t promise a response today. I’m going to bed now, with breakthrough pain meds and so on.

Oh—for your entertainment, Toe Reading! Thanks to Janet Bray Solursh for the link. If this were April 1, I would be certain it was a hoax.

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One thought on “Mah tahred hurts

  1. **gentlehugs**

    I’m sorry AAA was so clueless – I’ve always had very good luck with them.

    Toe Reading? That’s definitely a new one on me.

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