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Loc8tor – I can’t begin to imagine how much time we’d save with something like this. I don’t lose my glasses, since I have to wear them all the time. (Ask sambear about how badly I panic if I wake up in the night and cannot immediately put my hand on them.) Keys, PDAs, wallets, checkbooks, cell phones, remotes, cordless phones whose batteries have run down—those we lose.

I don’t think the cat would let the velcro tracking pad stay in place long, but fortunately, she’s fairly predictable in her dotage.

Sunglasses with built-in flash drive, MP3 player, and FM transmitter? No wires? Where do we get them, and when? And are they tougher than the two pairs of sambear‘s sunglasses I tossed into the garbage this week due to broken legs?

“Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God holds others in contempt.”
–Robert Green Ingersoll, lawyer and orator (1833-1899)

That’s fairly obvious by their actions, even when they’re trying to talk about “loving the sinner.” I’ve never found it very compelling as a recruiting strategy.

I’m a O70-C69-E27-A6-N76 Big Five!!

Music Personality Quiz

I’m 81% freak!!
I don’t really think I agree with this one. It doesn’t have enough data to really make some of its judgments. For instance, I’m a bisexual, polyamorous, pagan who has always lived in the Bible Belt, surrounded by my extreme Christian Reconstructionist family of origin. I don’t have a need to be different, I just bloody am.

They still regret me learning to read. I know it. That’s what did it, really.

Damned libraries 😉

Check out my Morality! 62% liberal, 38% conservative – compared to 61% liberal, 39% conservative!

Check out my blirtatiousness!
Hmmm – “blirter” (shouldn’t it be “blurter”?) seems the wrong term. Outspoken, yes—but I do generally think over my opinions. Often, I’ve already given a fair amount of consideration to a topic that comes up, so I don’t hesitate to state my opinion. That isn’t quite the same as just blurting things out.

I see “blurting” as more like, “Damn, you look like shit!” to a co-worker. I’d be far more likely to say, “How are you feeling? You don’t seem as energetic as usual. Can I help somehow?”

Or, more in the context of this quiz, a blurter might say, “Everybody knows that the Kennedys are all sexual deviants,” without actually “knowing” anything more than what he or she has skimmed from tabloids.

I suppose I simply find “blurt” to carry a connotation of a lack of thoughtfulness, consideration, and data.

Most of the questions, too, weren’t precisely worded with respect to one’s love life in particular. I’ve done a lot of work over the last decade to become more aware of my feelings as they come up, and to then express them to my partners. I still don’t blurt them out—but I really try to avoid suddenly hitting an SO with a core dump that’s been brewing for several months. I don’t think I brood or blurt, but I don’t really see the two as very good expressions of the concept, either.

It’s entirely possible to bring up relationship issues in a timely manner, with consideration, without just blurting out something unthoughtful.

Brezney for the week:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In her *San Francisco Chronicle* column, Leah Garchik reported that a woman shopping at a local Safeway grocery store had heard “Blitzkrieg Bop,” a snarling anthem by the Ramones, playing over the loudspeaker. Was it an unfortunate development that besmirched the integrity of the seminal punk band, or a welcome sign that what was once raw rebel squawk is infiltrating the mainstream? You’re ready to entertain an analogous question that pertains to your own personal quest for authenticity, Scorpio. Should you compromise a little so as to inject your influence into a setting where it’s desperately needed? Or should you remain aloof and pure, content to affect mostly just those who already agree with you?

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