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School: Girl asked to leave for more than same-sex kiss

So there are absolutely no current students at that school who have even been rumored to have kissed anybody in a more-than-friendly way? Or (gasp) had such a relationship with anybody, whether of the opposite or same sex?


If the kids at this school had any backbone, they’d be turning themselves in for kissing and dating and such. Hell, I would. I might even have tried kissing a girl (much earlier than I did in reality) just to see what happened. Better yet, a video, of girls and guys kissing everybody, placed on a website that we advertised by brochures distributed across the school.

(No, I’ve never had an easy relationship with authority. Especially the hypocritical sort.)

I’m glad Jessica has moved and is in a different school elsewhere. Hopefully, her parents have gotten enough of a clue that they’ve sent her to a more accepting place. If it’s a Christian school, at least it should be one that lives up to Covenant’s web site verbiage about “Christ’s love.”

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