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School: Girl asked to leave for more than same-sex kiss

So there are absolute­ly no cur­rent stu­dents at that school who have even been rumored to have kissed any­body in a more-than-friend­ly way? Or (gasp) had such a rela­tion­ship with any­body, whether of the oppo­site or same sex?


If the kids at this school had any back­bone, they’d be turn­ing them­selves in for kiss­ing and dat­ing and such. Hell, I would. I might even have tried kiss­ing a girl (much ear­li­er than I did in real­i­ty) just to see what hap­pened. Bet­ter yet, a video, of girls and guys kiss­ing every­body, placed on a web­site that we adver­tised by brochures dis­trib­uted across the school.

(No, I’ve nev­er had an easy rela­tion­ship with author­i­ty. Espe­cial­ly the hyp­o­crit­i­cal sort.)

I’m glad Jes­si­ca has moved and is in a dif­fer­ent school else­where. Hope­ful­ly, her par­ents have got­ten enough of a clue that they’ve sent her to a more accept­ing place. If it’s a Chris­t­ian school, at least it should be one that lives up to Covenan­t’s web site ver­biage about “Christ’s love.”

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