On Religion

Plinky asked, “Do you con­sid­er your­self reli­gious?” Not at all. I was always more spir­i­tu­al than reli­gious, but I was raised in a very reli­gious fam­i­ly in which I was forced to par­tic­i­pate in their South­ern Bap­tist church. I start­ed ques­tion­ing the con­tra­dic­tions in the Bible at an ear­ly age and did my best to […]

Random Things Meme

Leah tagged me on Face­book to write 25 ran­dom things about myself, then Sam tagged me to come up with 16 ran­dom tid­bits. I’m not good at these things, but I’ll give it a try. I did­n’t go to kinder­garten but start­ed first grade when I was 5 because my moth­er thought she had to put […]

Another Homegrown Terrorist, This Time in Tennessee

Police: Man Shot Church­go­ers Over Lib­er­al Views Knoxville, Tennessee—An unem­ployed man accused of open­ing fire with a shot­gun and killing two peo­ple at a Uni­tar­i­an church appar­ent­ly tar­get­ed the con­gre­ga­tion out of hatred for its sup­port of lib­er­al social poli­cies, police said Mon­day. That makes a lot of sense. This whack­job is unhap­py because he lost […]

Readings & Socializing

Note: This entry went in a total­ly dif­fer­ent direc­tion than where I thought I was head­ed! It got very long and wan­dered around a lot. I got into some­thing that’s real­ly been eat­ing at me for a long time, though, and I’d real­ly appre­ci­ate some feed­back. I should have my micro­phone tak­en away. I recorded […]

Another Reason I’m Happy to NOT Live Under Islamic Law

Iran exe­cutes two gay teenagers Warn­ing: There are pho­tographs embed­ded in the linked arti­cle, includ­ing two of the boys with noos­es around their necks just before their exe­cu­tion. The Iran­ian gov­ern­ment is try­ing to claim that the boys raped anoth­er boy, but that is like­ly to be a fic­tion­al detail added after the exe­cu­tion began […]

Good Reading

Thanks to mrp­syk­lops, I was read­ing How To Argue With A Con­ser­v­a­tive Chris­t­ian. There are some very good points there. My addi­tion: nev­er both­er debat­ing belief. Beliefs are not thoughts or the­o­ries. They are sel­dom based on ratio­nal thought. You can debate the out­ward effects of those beliefs, like the legal­i­ties of gay marriage—but you […]

Jewish Kids at Easter

I don’t remem­ber if I post­ed this before or not, but I left it in a com­ment in gina­mariewade’s jour­nal and remem­bered that y’all might enjoy the sto­ry. A for­mer Girl Scout co-leader and her very Jew­ish fam­i­ly hap­pened to be in a restau­rant on East­er morn­ing. Her girls, about 6 and 7 at the time, […]

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