On Religion

Plinky asked, "Do you consider yourself religious?"

Anti-Abortion and Pro-Life Teapot Atheist Protest Fulton Street  October 13, 2010

Not at all. I was always more spiritual than religious, but I was raised in a very religious family in which I was forced to participate in their Southern Baptist church. I started questioning the contradictions in the Bible at an early age and did my best to reconcile my intellectual objections with the emotional comfort religion can offer.

After investigating many other denominations of Christianity, I finally left Christianity altogether in my early 20s. I dabbled in paganism and researched many other faiths before arriving at my current stance, which is technically agnosticism while practically atheism.

I still find the Unitarian Universalist Association to be a good spiritual home, as it is as welcoming to agnostics/atheists as it is to anyone else. Different congregations vary, of course, as they do in any other respect.

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