Okay. Search­ing on Google for “Cyn­thia is” returns:

Cyn­thia is the Secretary/Assistant that can offer Span­ish-Eng­lish. My note: I would­n’t hire her after read­ing that sentence.

Cyn­thia is a mem­ber of the Soci­ety of Chil­dren’s Book Writ­ers and Illus­tra­tors, Word­craft Cir­cle, West­ern Writ­ers of Amer­i­ca, and of The Texas Writ­ers League.

Also avail­able by Cyn­thia is a book she com­piled with Leslie Clague and Sharon Ches­low enti­tled Banned in DC “pho­tos and anec­dotes from the DC punk under­ground from 1979–1986”. Please note that I copied this stuff, so I’m not respon­si­ble for the punctuation.

Strange­ly enough, even though Cyn­thia is one of rock­’s most famous groupies and she’s been pro­filed and inter­viewed in the media many times over the years, Cyn­thia says she does­n’t want her moth­er to find out about her life as a groupie.

Cyn­thia is the sub­ject of a film doc­u­men­tary called “Plas­ter Cast­er: A Cock­u­men­tary Film,” which was released in 2001.


As a bicy­cle com­muter who just recov­ered from two bro­ken bones thanks to a motorist’s neg­li­gence (guy flung open his SUV door in her path), Cyn­thia is now back on her bike and refers those who think she is crazy to “Is Cycling Dangerous?”

CYNTHIA is a new edi­tor for the func­tion­al lan­guage SML.

Cyn­thia is the best wire harp­er I know.

Cyn­thia is now married!

David Car­ra­dine is the actor play­ing the hero and Cyn­thia is his per­son­al assistant. 

Cyn­thia is EASY.

Like last year, Cyn­thia is unstoppable.

Nine years lat­er, Dr. Cyn­thia is still on the border.

Cyn­thia is cur­rent­ly writ­ing a process book that will address how to take a pho­to­graph and make it into a quilt using her Pic­ture Piec­ing technique.

Cyn­thia is hon­ored to send auto­graphs and postcards.

Cyn­thia Is the Moth­er of all the Gregory’s.

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