Gadget Lust

After switching phone carriers this week, I have a much wider variety of phones from which to choose. And that Treo 650 is looking far too sexy.

I mean, I don’t *need* a new PDA, or a phone fancier than the little almost-free one I got. I certainly cannot be said to *need* a PDA/phone/camera/MP3 player with its lovely Bluetooth headset.

But want? Oh yeah.

Whilst trying to convince myself that I don’t really want a Treo, I looked over a display of PDAs. There was a Tungsten that was terribly tempting, too—faster processor and more storage than the Treo, MP3 player, camera, AND it’s a USB drive.

And really, I replace cell phones more often than PDAs. Not that I had planned to replace my PDA. It’s just one of those sneaky lusts that creep in around the edges.

Will I be buying one? Not right now. Certainly not in the budget. There are many other things that are far higher priorities.

But damn, I can’t help thinking about them.

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