Word Rant, Bedroom Stuff, and Phone Jacks

Interesting puzzles: http://www.blindchicken.com/~ali/games/puzzles.html

The enormous, baroque bedroom furniture is gone! Well, the two mirrors and one lamp wouldn’t fit in the truck or wordcandlemage‘s car, but there’s none of it in our bedroom anymore. And the two oak chests of drawers that sambear‘s parents gave us (they were his as a child) are really very nice. The bedroom seems much bigger now.

I really need to get stuff on the walls. Sam came across my Rubenesque Ruby poster stored in a mailing tube—I wonder how much it would cost to pop it in a frame? We’ve got a few things that were on the walls of our bedroom in the last house, but I just don’t feel like putting them in our room now.

Pet peeve: I absolutely hate the word “orientated.” It’s right up there with “preventative.” Both seem to have extra syllables—why not just save “oriented” and “preventive?” The University of Minnesota agrees with me. So does a professional proofreader. But no less an authority than the Oxford Dictionaries says that “orientated” is perfectly correct and the more common usage in Britain. And the dictionary definition of “preventative” is “preventive” so why does it even exist?

Okay, sorry. I just needed to get that out of my system.

Four of the six phone jacks in this apartment have not worked since we moved in. The phone company points at the apartment people, the apartment maintenance guy points to the phone company. I finally called the office today and said that I don’t care whose fault it is, they weren’t working when we moved in and we rented an apartment with six jacks, not two. I want them fixed NOW. The property promises that maintenance issues will be resolved in 24 hours, and that hasn’t happened. Someone is supposed to be here very soon to do just that, so I’d better get some clothes on!

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