Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Complained About Those Name Thingies?

My Wicca name is Yuur (Arrogant) Arian (Lovely) Purae omallia (Pure madness).
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I tried my maiden name and the second and third were exactly the same, but the first was “Jaua (Crazy).”

Using TechnoMom, I got Lophj (Unforgiven) Iutopi (Winter Flower) Purae omallia (Pure madness)

In fact, all but one variation of any name I’ve ever used returned that “Pure Madness” part.

The final one was “Floura (Flower-like) Klia (Fortunate) Ellemanae (Element)”

Edit: But I’d take any of them before anything with Lady, Wolf, Raven, Sky, Star, Silver, Hawk, or any of the “standard” BS names.

Anyway, I’m already Raccoon Scufflegrit.

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