Yep, I Am That Geeky

I’m doing some fil­ing, which involves deal­ing with the annoy­ing file con­tain­ers I have at the moment. I’m promis­ing myself some­thing more enter­tain­ing as a reward, though: Cat­a­loging my needle­work pat­terns and sup­plies. Yes, I am so geeky that I see that as a fun activ­i­ty. As with our books, part of the joy is […]

Poetry: Morning Glories

Morn­ing Glo­ries –Mary Oliv­er From White Pine Blue and dark-blue     rose and deep­est rose         white and pink they are every­where in the dili­gent     corn­field ris­ing and sway­ing         in their reli­able fin­ery in the lit­tle     fling of their bod­ies their         gear and tack­le all caught up in the corn­stalks.     the reaper’s sto­ry is the sto­ry         of end­less work of work careful […]

And Another Thing

(I broke one long entry up into sev­er­al short­er ones since there was­n’t much to relate the items, any­way.) I got a cat­a­log yes­ter­day about “Zen at the Moun­tain Monastery.” I have no idea why I’m on the mail­ing list for a monastery in New York, but it was inter­est­ing. Katie was, of course, intrigued […]


I’m offi­cial­ly a CSI junkie. I’ve start­ed turn­ing on the TV in hopes of find­ing it on some chan­nel. I’ll watch Law & Order if I can’t get CSI, but it’s a poor sec­ond.  Next thing you know, I’ll actu­al­ly be look­ing at the TV sched­ule. Or worse, putting CSI in the Replay’s pro­gram­ming. We’ve […]

A Day of Rest

And damn, did we need it! shad­owkatt and I, that is. Now that we have three run­ning vehi­cles again, we’ve been catch­ing up with lots of things that were resched­uled dur­ing the trans­porta­tion drought. The girl is tack­ing the bow tie onto her tap cos­tume. We found an alter­ations place that is tak­ing care of the […]

To Clarify

Last night’s entry is not an indi­ca­tor of any dra­ma hap­pen­ing. In fact, it’s part of ward­ing off dra­ma. If I don’t speak up about being tired of “talk­ing about the relationship(s)” or what­ev­er, I’ll even­tu­al­ly explode, and that WILL be dra­mat­ic. Yes, hav­ing two pri­maries requires far more com­mu­ni­ca­tion, nego­ti­a­tion, and so on than hav­ing one. […]

I Am a Bad Poly Person

About all I had to say in our fam­i­ly ther­a­py ses­sion tonight is that I’m tired of talk­ing. I’m tired of seri­ous con­ver­sa­tions. I’m tired of plan­ning projects. I’m tired of pro­cess­ing, inter­pret­ing, mirroring—all of it. I’m just tired. The next time some­one says, “Com­mu­ni­cate, com­mu­ni­cate, com­mu­ni­cate” to me, I’m all too like­ly to rec­om­mend that he […]

Quiet Monday

I’m snug­gled up in the bed with a woozy shad­owkatt and a sleep­ing Shel­ley.  Shel­ley sleeps even more than most cats now, which prob­a­bly isn’t that unusu­al for a cat who’ll be 16 in a few weeks. The girl woke up with a migraine today, so she won’t be going to dance today. She has to […]

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