A Day of Rest

And damn, did we need it! shadowkatt and I, that is.

Now that we have three running vehicles again, we’ve been catching up with lots of things that were rescheduled during the transportation drought.

The girl is tacking the bow tie onto her tap costume. We found an alterations place that is taking care of the sleeves for her musical theater costume. We have to make it to Center Stage at some point this weekend, though, to get a few things needed before the yearly photos next week.

We went to Three-13 yesterday for pampering. I had my face waxed for the first time. May I say OUCH! It’s better than going all OCD on the brows, though.

I got to the eye doctor to finish my eye exam (he couldn’t get the air poofy thing to work last time), I ordered my contacts and got my RX so I can get new glasses, ran a bunch of stuff too small to Freecycle to Goodwill, hit the library, did various family shopping chores, and got the girl to dance. Shopping for shorts that fit the girl now is a bitch. That fraction to figure transition makes the fit much more difficult.

The termite guy came back to check on things, too.

Oh, I also got a new hose for the Shop-Vac! Yay!

That was Too Much for one day. I had to cancel an appointment today because there was just no way I was going to get there.

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