A Day of Rest

And damn, did we need it! shad­owkatt and I, that is.

Now that we have three run­ning vehi­cles again, we’ve been catch­ing up with lots of things that were resched­uled dur­ing the trans­porta­tion drought.

The girl is tack­ing the bow tie onto her tap cos­tume. We found an alter­ations place that is tak­ing care of the sleeves for her musi­cal the­ater cos­tume. We have to make it to Cen­ter Stage at some point this week­end, though, to get a few things need­ed before the year­ly pho­tos next week.

We went to Three-13 yes­ter­day for pam­per­ing. I had my face waxed for the first time. May I say OUCH! It’s bet­ter than going all OCD on the brows, though.

I got to the eye doc­tor to fin­ish my eye exam (he could­n’t get the air poofy thing to work last time), I ordered my con­tacts and got my RX so I can get new glass­es, ran a bunch of stuff too small to Freecy­cle to Good­will, hit the library, did var­i­ous fam­i­ly shop­ping chores, and got the girl to dance. Shop­ping for shorts that fit the girl now is a bitch. That frac­tion to fig­ure tran­si­tion makes the fit much more difficult.

The ter­mite guy came back to check on things, too.

Oh, I also got a new hose for the Shop-Vac! Yay!

That was Too Much for one day. I had to can­cel an appoint­ment today because there was just no way I was going to get there.

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