To Clarify

Last night’s entry is not an indicator of any drama happening. In fact, it’s part of warding off drama.

If I don’t speak up about being tired of “talking about the relationship(s)” or whatever, I’ll eventually explode, and that WILL be dramatic.

Yes, having two primaries requires far more communication, negotiation, and so on than having one.

Because curiousmay9 and sambear have incompatible communication styles, I end up acting as interpreter/moderator all too often.

They do work things out between themselves when I’m not around. It just takes a lot longer to do so, with far more energy expended on both sides.

In fact, I should stop acting in that role when I am around, but I find it painful to hear them fumbling toward what’s obvious to me. If I get up and walk out, their focus changes to “What’s wrong with Cyn?” which doesn’t help matters at all.

I occasionally bleed off some of the piss and vinegar here, where it won’t do much (if any) harm. I hope the person who contacted me privately is no longer worried. Nobody should be.

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