@*(#(*$ Textbook Costs

I’m cur­rent­ly signed up to take Intro­duc­to­ry Span­ish, Busi­ness Com­mu­ni­ca­tion (which is required, though I real­ly think I should be per­mit­ted to test out of it), and Pro­pos­als. The Pro­pos­al class got can­celed (appar­ent­ly the teacher is gone, gone, gone), so I’m switch­ing over to Journalism.

The text costs for these cours­es are about $340 plus tax. They MUST have the damned new texts because they come with CDs and codes for access to spe­cial web­sites and so on. This is OBSCENE!

I may be able to work around the require­ments for two of the cours­es, find­ing bet­ter prices online. I haven’t found any good options for the Span­ish texts, though.

Now, tech­ni­cal­ly, I have cred­it for intro­duc­to­ry Span­ish and inter­me­di­ate French. I could­n’t speak more than a clum­sy, bad­ly pro­nounced sen­tence in either, and I tru­ly feel that an edu­cat­ed per­son should be at least min­i­mal­ly flu­ent in one lan­guage oth­er than her own—preferably more. (Pro­gram­ming lan­guages do not count!)

The Span­ish texts come to $150. That’s right—just for the one intro­duc­to­ry class, $150 for books. No, they aren’t reused in the inter­me­di­ate class. That takes anoth­er huge chunk of mon­ey. And since the sec­ond edi­tion of these texts was due out this past fall, and is com­ing “real soon now,” it’s unlike­ly that the book­store will buy the used texts, either.

So I’m think­ing I’d best drop the Span­ish. I don’t HAVE to take it, oth­er than to suit my own standards. 

The best pos­si­bil­i­ty for fill­ing the gap in my sched­ule with­out hav­ing to be on cam­pus every day of the week is Ancient World Civ­i­liza­tion at 8 IN THE MORNING!

Now, I was signed up to take that class last sum­mer and had to drop it. I still have all the books and have ver­i­fied that the pro­fes­sor is using those same books again. I need the class. I’m inter­est­ed in the class. I’d incur no addi­tion­al costs for books.

But tak­ing that course means that I will be in class from 8 am to 8 pm. It’ll take at least an hour to get there in the morn­ings. I’ll be wait­ing for Katie to get out of dance class in the evenings, so I’m unlike­ly to be home before 9:30 pm.

I would have a 3‑hour break between each of the three class­es. My advis­er and depart­ment head are fair­ly sure that they can arrange for me to have a rel­a­tive­ly qui­et place to hang out dur­ing those times. If I had a lap­top, I could even do assignments.

But there isn’t exact­ly going to be a place for me to take a nap, and I’ll need one. Hell, I might actu­al­ly need Sam to dri­ve me to and from the school, sim­ply because I doubt I’ll have the ener­gy for doing so with that kind of schedule.

Yeah, tech­ni­cal­ly, I only HAVE to take six cred­it hours since my dis­abil­i­ties are doc­u­ment­ed. But it piss­es me off to be inca­pable of tak­ing me more. I hate it.

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