Hos­pi­tal attempts to force woman into C‑section, seek­ing cus­tody of her unborn child While they were engaged in that non­sense, she checked her­self out, went to anoth­er hos­pi­tal, and deliv­ered her 7th child quick­ly, eas­i­ly, and safe­ly for moth­er and baby. The baby’s size, 11 lbs. 9 oz., caused the hos­pi­tal’s con­cern. They refused to […]

A Saturday Lull

I got Moth­er’s Day pressies this week­end! I was tak­en com­plete­ly by sur­prise, too. I have an Ott Lite floor lamp! SQUEE! I’ve want­ed one of those for YEARS! AND I was pre­sent­ed with a wire­less key­board for my PDA so I can take notes in class :-)  Thank you, sam­bear and shad­owkatt! I feel like I haven’t […]

Country Music

sam­bear has been lis­ten­ing to coun­try music while in the car late­ly. I’ve found this a bit hard to fit into my “men­tal Sam.” While he real­ly likes Mike Ray­burn, he has­n’t lis­tened to one of his ear­ly CDs but once because “it’s too coun­try.” Any­way, I usu­al­ly change the sta­tion imme­di­ate­ly, but I did­n’t today. […]

I Wish I Could Be Surprised

Con­gress to probe Atlanta schools’ net­work costs  Some­one help me here. Is there ANY evi­dence of fidu­cia­ry respon­si­bil­i­ty in any part of the city of Atlanta? There’s got to be some tiny depart­ment that isn’t run by those who are cor­rupt or incom­pe­tent. Some­where. Surely?

Just Wondering

On learn­ing that one per­son has just met some­one you know in anoth­er con­text, do you ever get the nasty urge to say some­thing like, “Real­ly? Watch your husband—not that he’s nec­es­sar­i­ly untrust­wor­thy, but she sure as hell is.” I mean, on the one hand, it’s gos­sip. On the oth­er hand, if you have first-hand knowledge […]

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