A Saturday Lull

I got Mother’s Day pressies this weekend! I was taken completely by surprise, too. I have an Ott Lite floor lamp! SQUEE! I’ve wanted one of those for YEARS!

AND I was presented with a wireless keyboard for my PDA so I can take notes in class 🙂

Thank you, sambear and shadowkatt!

I feel like I haven’t done much today, but things are going well. sambear has really done a lot today, and it shows. I’ve gotten everybody’s laundry done, and the house is looking good. More (willing) hands definitely do make a difference! I’m about to finish up a few things and then (I hope) take a stitching break while sitting under my lamp. Maybe while gaming, if Sam is up for it.

I’ve also been working on some WHOA email issues related to moving to the larp.com server. I’m hoping we have all that cleared up soon.

I’m hoping to get a lot of homework done tomorrow.

curiousmay9 is sleeping. That’s a Very Good Thing. I do worry about her. I’m glad she’s taking the mono seriously now.

shadowkatt isn’t feeling well. I am VERY worried about her getting mono. It would be spectacularly bad timing, as she’s in my brother’s wedding on Saturday and has a dance recital on Sunday. Mono wouldn’t be a FUN thing at any time, of course. I remember my own experience with it all too well. And our housemate is a good bad example when it comes to the dangers of not taking mono seriously.

The cleaning service didn’t come this last week because the two ladies assigned to our house haven’t had mono before. They rescheduled for this week, but I’m not sure it’ll be safe yet. I think I’m going to try to get Katie in to see her doctor on Tuesday and ask her what the contagious period is.

We also had to cancel gaming with mique_mique because of contagion issues. And I’m honestly afraid to try to go to the filk tonight, as well. It’s a good thing I enjoy spending time with my family at home!

Current Mood: 😐lazy
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