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If it weren’t for the fact that your Horse aspect allows your Scorpio aspect to admit a touch of self-deprecatory humor now and then, you’d have vibrated yourself to death with suppressed rage long ago. As it stands, your lightness of demeanor will stand you in good stead, even if your drive and competitiveness are enough for others to label the Horse/Scorpio as “pushy” from time to time. Ignore them—is it your fault that you know exactly what you want and will brook no distractions?

Romantically speaking, you’re quite the seductive one, and can wrap anyone around your little finger with the minimum of proper effort. The only problem is that you may not want the ones who fall so easily—they reveal their essential weakness by succumbing to your charms, and you cannot respect weak individuals. Watch for the one who holds out the longest against your siren song, and when they do eventually wind up in your arms, gather them in gently and keep them forever. They’ll be happy to stick around.

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