If I weren’t ter­ri­bly lazy today, I would be send­ing out emails for these two things. But I am lazy. I had anoth­er of those don’t-remem­ber-any-dreams-but-feel-like-there-were-lots-of-night­mares nights. They aren’t ever restful.

Hey _starrgirl_, this book sounds inter­est­ing. Appar­ent­ly it’s been out for a cou­ple of years — is your name a ref­er­ence to it?

shades­ong, the newslet­ter that this site sends out is a great resource for Girl Scout lead­ers at any lev­el. And I went by the vol­un­teer ser­vice cen­ter and they’re real­ly push­ing for every­one to take all their train­ing class­es for the fall this sum­mer to avoid the rush. The sched­ule is on the coun­cil website.

I’m start­ing to real­ize that if I’ve men­tioned some­thing here, I often for­get to men­tion it at all to my friends who don’t use LJ. Even if I exchange emails with them sev­er­al times a day. Hmmm.

We sat here in the office last night and watched through the slid­ing glass doors as a big rac­coon method­i­cal­ly go through the con­tain­er of crit­ter crunch, pick­ing out every sin­gle peanut. He shelled each one, ate the nuts, and tossed the shells back on the deck. Then he wad­dled over to the big water dish, drank a lit­tle water, and picked the dead bugs out of the water and ate them too. (Woo hoo, free pro­tein!) I think he’s the only crit­ter who has ever left any­thing out there clean­er than he found it.

I fig­ure he’s been here before, or he’s just much bold­er than some of the oth­er vis­it­ing ‘coons, because peo­ple mov­ing around did­n’t phase him in the least. He did run away when Sam reached up and turned on the out­side light, though. I think that if we just start leav­ing that light on all the time, the lure of the food will bring the crit­ters when they get used to it. Sam thinks they’d nev­er vis­it with the light already on. Maybe some­one with greater rac­coon knowl­edge can tell us.

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