If I weren’t terribly lazy today, I would be sending out emails for these two things. But I am lazy. I had another of those don’t-remember-any-dreams-but-feel-like-there-were-lots-of-nightmares nights. They aren’t ever restful.

Hey _starrgirl_, this book sounds interesting. Apparently it’s been out for a couple of years – is your name a reference to it?

shadesong, the newsletter that this site sends out is a great resource for Girl Scout leaders at any level. And I went by the volunteer service center and they’re really pushing for everyone to take all their training classes for the fall this summer to avoid the rush. The schedule is on the council website.

I’m starting to realize that if I’ve mentioned something here, I often forget to mention it at all to my friends who don’t use LJ. Even if I exchange emails with them several times a day. Hmmm.

We sat here in the office last night and watched through the sliding glass doors as a big raccoon methodically go through the container of critter crunch, picking out every single peanut. He shelled each one, ate the nuts, and tossed the shells back on the deck. Then he waddled over to the big water dish, drank a little water, and picked the dead bugs out of the water and ate them too. (Woo hoo, free protein!) I think he’s the only critter who has ever left anything out there cleaner than he found it.

I figure he’s been here before, or he’s just much bolder than some of the other visiting ‘coons, because people moving around didn’t phase him in the least. He did run away when Sam reached up and turned on the outside light, though. I think that if we just start leaving that light on all the time, the lure of the food will bring the critters when they get used to it. Sam thinks they’d never visit with the light already on. Maybe someone with greater raccoon knowledge can tell us.

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