red­cub’s post about books prompt­ed me to go look to see if the Rowan Gant mys­ter­ies are avail­able at any of the three coun­ty libraries with whom I have cards. Nope, not one! The Ama­zon page for the most recent book men­tioned the Har­ry Dres­den series. I only read the first of those, but it was very enjoy­able, so I searched for those as well—nothing!

Then I remem­bered see­ing a fol­low-up to Diane Mar­cel­las’ Moth­er Ocean, Daugh­ter Sea. Again, no joy in three libraries.


I’m also dri­ving myself nuts with try­ing to remem­ber the name of anoth­er book that I read at the same time as MO,DS. The title con­tains the word “Fire,” it was a first nov­el, and it was a fan­ta­sy nov­el set in a land where cer­tain races have strong ele­men­tal affini­ties. And that’s all I remember.

I did find that Dana Stabenow has been busy, so I’ve got a cou­ple of her books to look for­ward to.

As delight­ful as col­lege libraries are, in my expe­ri­ence they aren’t a good source for the lat­est genre fiction.

I absolute­ly adore libraries. Being able to access their cat­a­logs via the web, to place holds and all—SWOON! I do wish that I could go look at a record of the books I’ve checked out, but I know that one of the rea­sons libraries don’t like to keep such records is because they can be sub­poe­naed by the FBI. I don’t par­tic­u­lar­ly care who knows what I read, but it’s the prin­ci­ple of the thing.

I lust after a Ful­ton coun­ty library card. Why? Because I’ve nev­er had one and I want it, dammit! But I don’t have a Ful­ton coun­ty address to use, and they charge some­thing like $75 a year to issue a non-res­i­dent card. Eeep!

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